Camera motion not smoother in turns


I have a city scene in blender. I have animating the camera in street view. Camera looks jerky movement only in the road turnings. I am using the follow path modifier using nurbs path. How to solve this issue.


Try use bezier curves, is more smoothy, or try go in the “curve properties”( the green curve with two points) and increase the resolution.

You can also have a look on the “Graph editor” to see if the curve don’t have anormalities.

Hope this helps.

Hi PedroRosario,

Thanks for your reply.

  1. I have used the Nurbs Path and the curve resolution Preview U = 60, Render U = 60.
  2. I have used the Follow Path Modifier and I keyed the offset for the camera animation. I am just adjusting the keyframes (increased the frame count between the keyframes) while the camera turns on the road corners.
  3. In the Graph editor section I have used the Bezier Interpolation mode and didn’t adjust any curve handles.

Please find the attached

for your reference. You can notice the jerky movement while the camera turns. How to solve this issue?


Animate a target maybe following the same path but starting way before camera, then apply a constraint to camera so it look at the target.

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Hi, @vasanthart! In watching your render, I notice what I think is the jerky movement you are talking about, but I don’t think it is related to the animation system. I think what you have is a psychovisual issue happening due to the lack of motion blur. When the camera pans that quickly, your brain is expecting to see some blur or smearing in those frames. Without blur, you have these extra crispy frames that seem jerky because they don’t blend together.

That might not be it, but I feel it will look a lot better with a normal/realistic amount of motion blur.