Camera motion tracking first attempts (in Blender 2.64) :

'Morning. I’m making my first attempts at camera tracking (Blender 2.64), and although I now know the basic steps, I haven’t so far achieved the desired results.

For example, please see the attached ‘002B.blend’ file. I tried to set the grey box flat down on the desk. You can see that I placed a few markers (I used pieces of orange card) on the desk-top, to help in tracking.

The Solve Error was about 2.5. I appreciate that could have been better (<1 being ideal), but a Solve Error of 1-3 is useable, right ?

Anyway, what I don’t understand yet is why the markers and the grey box are tilting around, and why my Grid isn’t on-the-flat.

Beyond that, of course, I’ll have to work on getting the box to cast shadows, etc, as all of that’s not working yet either.

Could anyone help a camera-tracking newbie get his head round this, please ? Any guidance gratefully received.

Thanks very much

Best wishes


002B.blend (1.42 MB)