camera movement and tracking

i read a thread that said to select the camera then the object i want to track, press ctrl + t and select the first option. i did this and it works when i move the object around, but when i use the game engine, the camera doesnt track the object in game.

how can i make the camera move with and track an object in the game engine??

thanks in advance

make some logic bricks like this:

always----- AND ------ Editobject : Track to with players OB name in the blank

in blender 2.45 there are problems still with this.
have fun :smiley:

Also, look on the Always sensor to find a button whose tooltip says “TRUE level pulse” or something (it is also called “Positive pulse mode”, but that is not what the tooltip says). Positive pulse mode is on by default for Always sensors. Leaving it on causes the sensor to continue to fire positive pulses to the controller the entire time the game is running. The “Track to” actuator only needs to be fired once and it “sticks”, so you can turn off positive pulse mode on the Always to cause it to only fire once when the game starts and never again (this saves a bit of processing time for the rest of the game… not a lot, but it’s a good practice to avoid running unnecessary logic).