Camera movement through emitted partices, camera sticks to one particle at some time


I am trying to create a camera movement as follows: I have a plane which emits particles (say, snowflakes). I want the camera to fly through the animated snow flakes, then it should stick to one falling flake, follow its movement and rotation for some time (so this flake appears to be static) and then continues it’s movement through the flakes.

I guess I could solve the “stick to the flake” with the copy transformation constraint or parenting. However, I don’t know how I extract the position of one flake from the particle system (can I bake this?) and how I can say I want the camera to stick to the flake from frame X to frame Y (or a child of that particle from from X to frame Y).

Any ideas are highly welcome (I guess I don’t need a step by step solution, just the rough idea how to solve this).

Thanks and best regards

Why not use the particle system for all the flakes “except” the one you want to follow? Create the one you want to follow separately as a mesh, and key frame the loc-rot to match the particle generated flakes. Then follow that one.