Camera-nikon d3400(Multiple styles)

this camera i made few months ago but now i re-render it with new lighting & composition…
500 samples for each render…created in blender 2.79b…cycles render…
for artstation:

For facebook:


Beautiful light setup!

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Thank you!! :smiley:

How did you go about the lighting and the compositing? This is beautiful!

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growing as an artist i think! if you may have seen my artstation profile then you find out old nikon renders, pretty simple renders nothing much fancy!
but recently i did some archviz projects…learned more about blender n specially how can i stylise render more better… so i come up with this lighting idea in mind that i want something this. And i did it!

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Yes, I saw the pictures on your artstation profile. Thanks explaining

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Lighting and texturing can either make an artwork an utmost piece of art or completely ruin it!!