Camera not rendering objects closer than its far clipping distance

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Hi there. I made a skybox for my game project the skybox has
a scale of [X 1.0,Y 1.0,Z 1.0] and the dimensions are set to
[X 175.0,Y 175.0, Z 175.0] the camera’s end clipping distance is set to maximum,
but for some reason it does not render distant objects including
the skybox unless it is close to that particular face of the skybox.
How is this possible because the entire game world is smaller than
camera’s far clipping distance i.e. 10000 > 175
How do I fix or get around this problem.

Note: I am using Blender 2.68a.

Thanks! Any Help and Solutions will be greatly appreciated.

Someone please help

Nothing that is outside the camera frustum will be rendered. Not even a single pixel.

You should not move far clipping away as it will result in render artifacts (incorrect render order). Please read the wikipedia regarding Camera Frustum and Z-Buffer.

Usually you will try to keep the skybox as far as possible (that it does not cover other object) but still visible. There are some methods to achieve this:

A) vertex parent the sky object to a mesh object that is parented to the camera in a way that the sky object’s origin is always at the (active) camera’s origin. Make the sky object that large that it nearly reaches the far clipping plane with its larges distance (usually one of the corners)

B) place the sky object in a background scene. Ensure you synchronize the cameras of both scenes.

I’m sure you can find several solution by search for “sky” “sky box” etc.

Thanks for the Help Monster I really appreciate it