Camera/Object tracking - video clean up

I’m trying to object track an HD video from a Canon IXUS220. Even with gentle movement, video frames show a “trailing” image, like a ghost of the main image. This makes tracking very difficult. Is there a way to clean up the video to remove ghosts prior to tracking ?

Problem solved

Problem solved

Bad forum etiquette. How did you solve it? In-camera (shutter speed)?

I’m just curious, but solved info is good for the database.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


My apologies. I thought the camera was PAL, 25 fps. Windows says the clip is 23 fps but the manual says it is 24 fps. When I loaded the raw clip into Blender Movie editor, it wouldn’t play after frame 620 or so, no matter what I set elsewhere. Hence I edited the clip in Sony Movie Studio, where I find it quickest to make adjustments. I rendered it at 25fps … which produced the ghosting. Editing the clip with Blender VSE gave no problem. When I later tried rendering at 24 fps in Sony MS, there was also no problem.