Camera Orbiting Object?

I have used the constraints panel to get the camera to focus on an object, but \i would also like to get the camera to orbit the object in a perfect circle ( or at least a perfet curve )
I tried to use constraints again on the camera,constraining to a curved path as well as the first ‘orbiting constraint’ but to no avail

Any clues?

Usually i do it by making a curve circle then parent (ctrl+p) the camera to follow the path. Of course make it so the object you wish to rotate around is in the centre of the circle. Also make sure the circle is scaled correctly or move the camera so it is far enough away from the object. Then add the track to constraint to the camera (F7) then put the name of the object which is most central into the constraint (found at the bottom left of the 3d window in grey). You may have to adjust the angle etc. of the camera or use the x,y and z options within the contraint window to re-adjust it.Then once its set up for rendering i would move the curve circle to a different layer (M) that is not set for rendering (F10 > left hand side >render layers), only move the curve circle not the camera.

This is how i used to do it if i remember correctly.

Hope it Helps


Sorry if you know all the commands i just put them in incase someone else who doesn’t know them reads this for the same purpose.

Parent the camera to an empty located in the center of the object. Then animate the nulls rotation, the camera will follow.

Never thought of that but its easier to set up that way, but its harder to get a steady orbit as you would have to keyframe it at the exact same intervals each time to get it steady. although if you can master it then it should be easier like that.


Why? All you need are keys for “z” rotation on the empty - very simple and quick to setup.
Here’s a Blend of the setup

Ahh ipo’s never thought of that was a long time since i orbited an object =D