Camera Orientation & Render

This is my very first image.

I have attached two screenshots, the image and the render result.

It seems that I moved the camera and not able to reset it’s values, and or something different.

When i render the image, i a get a partial result. Not too sure how i can fix it.

Here is the link to the original image screenShot. screenShot

If you hit F12,then Blender render the view from the active camera,that you can see in your linked screenshot on the right.
If you are at your render preview you can toggle between viewport and camera with the “0” key at the numpad.

here a video how to set the view to camera

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Thank You!

Now i got to know that my camera was using a Tele lens, had to change it a wider angel lens from 74mm to 27mm.

However, if i needed to use 50mm lens, was there a way to let the image fit?

Move the camera location farther from the subject

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I think i can use a full tutorial using the Camera :slightly_smiling_face: