Camera Orientation

I don’t know why I’ve never tried this before now and I feel like this is a glaringly simple operation I’ve overlooked: How do you change the orientation of the camera in Blender? I want to take a vertical oriented photo of a model’s head and torso. I’ve been through all the camera and render settings I can find and cannot figure out how to set up an aspect ration, let’s say, of a 4x6 or 5x7 Photo. All the settings I’ve found t change the camera’s view in only one direction, which isn’t helping at all.

And when I rotate the camera to the side, I can compose the shot but the final render is also sideways, which is a pain. How do I set it up so I can crop the rendered view to be exactly what I want it to be in the final product?

I’m not sure I understand completely. The camera is just like any other object, in that you can rotate, move it. In the dimensions of the render tab, you can specify the width and height of the output. I’m getting the feeling that I am not understanding you though?

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I can totally move and rotate the camera, the same way you would for a camera in real life (haha, that’s how you get vertically oriented photos after all) but if I flip the camera on it’s side, the image is rendered sideways, which is ok, but then I have to save the image and flip it externally. That seems ridiculous. So I’m sure there’s another way to do it.

Altering the resolution input is really tricky. I guess I should try to swap the numbers exactly and see what happens. When I get it narrow enough to look like the right ratio I need, it makes the image quality much poorer though, even when I try to compensate with the percentage scale for render resolution. And maybe I’m mistaken, but that’s how resolution works, isn’t it? I guess this is the solution, it’s just a lot trickier than I thought it would be.

If you want portrait or landscape orientation you shouldn’t rotate the camera, you should swap the the dimensions. This should have no effect whatsoever on the the quality of the render though. My understanding is this: The resolution dimensions are in effect the aspect ratio. The output is always specified in pixels, so if you have 800 x and 600 y, and the slider at 100%, your output will be 800 px X 600 px – an aspect ratio of (4:3) Often times you want to make a smaller, faster, test render, so you slide it down to 10% and your output will be 80px x 60px ; but the aspect ratio is still the same (4:3)

Computer screens usually display at 72 dpi, that can’t be changed, it’s the numbers of physical lights/per/inch on your screen. So 800 pixels will appear as just over ten inches on your monitor.

Are you trying to print these? If so you need to render at a size of (width in inches) x (300) [pixels]. So if you want to print 6 inches width, you would need to render at 1800 pixels for x .

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In your camera view, get your camera facing where you want it. Then ctrl+B will let you “draw” whatever aspect ratio you want. If you’re unsure how to move the camera around, then check this: Once you learn the shortcuts, you can do most everything right in the camera view.