Camera out of control


First it started when I was scrolling in with NUM0 - CAMERA selected with lock camera to view. Everything was ok and out of nothing my camera started flipping and going round in circles and BAM my objects were gone in abyss. After clicking a lot and opening my file with load UI unselected, my objects where on the right place but whenever I selected NUM0 and went into camera mode, everything was gone again. So I deleted the camera and made a new one, and the view is ok now, but whenever I zoom in, after a certain zoom distance my zooming gets slower and slower until it stops zooming. Well at this moment I am still really far from my object. How can I fix this zooming problem?


Blender 2.65
Windows 7

Hit the ‘.’ key on the numpad.

I made a video on that problem a while ago.

What a coincidence. Before seeing your post, I watched that video and my problem kind of got fixed. I hate it that posts need approval, takes a long time for some help

Thank you

edit: HA! I noticed that my messages and posts immediately get posted. Guess it was kind of a new user issue :slight_smile:

i discovered that hitting “home” key also corrected the issue.

I tried that but without luck, didn’t work at the moment of my problem :frowning: But yeah, problem is solved anyways :slight_smile:

guess i just got lucky! never had the issue since though :slight_smile:

Just off subject I’m trying to put a song across all of my menu screens in blender game but i don’t know how can you help?

Can’t help there. Try the Game forum.

ignore him he’s just spamming, MODs will catch him soon enough