Camera Parenting Problem [HELP!]

Hello everyone.:eyebrowlift2: I am making survival horror game and I want to make my player grab objects and items around hima like in Penumbra series and Amnesia. But, I got problem with crosshair I am using, actually when I parent it to the camera and start game, the crosshair or any other object parented to the camera act pretty weird. I think It’s maybe because of movement and mouselook I am using, but any other sort of FPS of mechanics I found cause wall bouncing. Here is example .blend file:

Parent Problem.blend (327 KB)

Please help me, this trouble stops me to make even simple FPS game! :frowning:

As far as I remember exactly this question was asked (and answered) already this week.

Please post link of thread. :smiley:

Does the camera have a scale of 1? (alt+s)
If you are having ‘wall bouncing’ it’s probably due to player movement, use Servo Motion or higher up physics substeps.

How do you mean scale of 1, anyway you can see in my .blend file. I will maybe use servo motion or maybe change way of picking up an object. :smiley: