Camera Parenting Problems.


In my game, I have a jet. It has a camera, which is for the HUD and of course cogpit view. It’s supposed to move along with the jet. I parent the cam to the jet, and it is created in the world along with the jet, but, it does this when I move the jet (and before) [Picture 3.png]

Could somebody help? WIth the camera track to actuator it works, but then it will like rotate around the plane, not stay in line with it.



I’m a bit of a noob but it might be better not to both parent the camera AND use the tracking actuator. You could experiment with slow parenting. There’s a tutorial on in the Blender section but it works in BGE. With slow parenting your subject isn’t locked solid in the center of the viewport and with a little bit of python you can program or control the child camera with a gamepad.

Try applying position/rotation to Object Data (CTRL+A with the object selectd)