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ok, here’s how it is…

I have a camera, that is following a path(from curves), everything is alright, except for the fact that the camera gets to the end of the path at frame 100 and you get to see barely anything at all cus everything is so fast. So here its, the question, how do you change the speed of animation so that the camera gets to the end of the path at frame 600, i know how to do this in blender 2.28a but now that i got 2.31 i don’t know how to change it anymore, and there is no tutorial for this version so pls, somebody help me.

Select your Camera… go into your Ipo curve window and make a curve for time… that way you can slow it down/speed it up and make it do whatever you want. And if you make the path’s speed curve cyclic you can then just keep your camera moving round and round and round.

Of course you can just edit the speed curve for your path as well.

k… how do u insert a time curve???

When you have the path selected, go into your IPO window… Select Path as IPO type for the window, it’s on object as a default. There you can see the speed curve. You can just edit that.

Or select the camera and in the IPO (object as type) select time (ctrl left mouse button) then with ctrl left mouse button you can set points.

Have a look at the nuance 9 tutorial list (in blender general there’s a link in the sticky post) in there there’s a link to a “tank tracks” tutorial which shows you how to work with paths, really helped me out.