Camera paths

what im doin is making the camera go 360 degrees… around my object. i have a basic. very basic idea of how to do this…
add>curve>bezier circle.
parent the camera to the circle…

buttt… i dont know how to make the camera travel around the circle always pointing the the objects center.?
or how to animate it ?
you could basicall say im a noob at animation…
any help would be appreciated

Select the object in the center, than Shift-Select the Camera. Ctrl-T->Track To Constraint.


ok thanks for that butt… i still have no idea how to make the camera go around. is there anyway you can give me steped instructions… sorry but thank you for your help.

i have figured it out… thanks to you… but i didn’t end up needing the trackto constraint… but it’s still attached to the object… i habe used. alt>t and then cleared the track. but it’s no going away.?

I know that this is anoying. You can’t clear the track-to constraint with alt-t, you have to remove the constraint from the constraints panel.

ok. cool. thanks so much mate…

SORRYSUCH A PAIN I KNOW. to make it into an avi file… do i just change the output to avi raw. then hit animate.?

Yes, but it may be better if you choose AVI-Jpeg or FFMpeg (if possible), becuase AVI raw has really a huge file size.

P.S.: and I’m glad if somebody has some easy questions that are not so difficult to answer …:smiley:

:evilgrin: eww, can I expand on that? :evilgrin:

It’s also better to not export to AVI Raw because unless you have a really fast computer, then the animation will go really choppy, believe me, I tried it… :rolleyes:

thanks ill take that into concideration.