Camera per view

Hi There,

Still new to Blender - but starting to get more efficient. A couple hours a week is all I get :-?

My question is this: How can I set up different camera for different views?

I know how to create multiple cameras and switch between them (I’m not proficient - but after several missed-key presses I get there). And of course I know how to create several “views”.

I’ve setup 4 view windows like this:

What I would like to do is work with the scene in the main view and have camera 1 in the top secondary view, camera 2 in the middle secondary view and camera 3 in the bottom secondary view.

It seems whenever I set the camera for one view - all the views switch to that camera. This is no good. What I want is for each view to remember which camera it is looking through.

Is this possible, and if so how do I do it?


Unfortunately, it seems that Blender can only have one Current Camera at a time, it can, however have multiple cameras and multiple 3D views.

The following assumes you want multiple “shots” of the same animation OR Multiple views to make modelling easier:

When using multiple cameras, set up your scene, then add cameras. To make a selected camera active hit Ctrl+Key0

Position and animate each camera seperately then either:
a) Render a full animation rom each cmaera and use the sequence editor to edit the timing of them
b) Search Elysiun for a “Camera Changer” script and use that to change the camera mid-render.

Editing Views:
Make each window you want to use for viewing your model a 3D window and select a view that is close to where you want ot model from (Key1 for Front, 3 for side etc.) then shilf / roll that window to just where you want it to be.

Hope this helps.

hi =)

i think u’ve got a really nice viewport setup. Just hit the ‘View’ menu option in the 3d window(s) and select the desired view (from ‘top’,‘front’,etc).

you do not really need a camera for each view to be saved up… in Blender, camera is intended to be used for shooting, not holding stuff in view port… though such option IS available in Maya…

so, the setup u hav got is quite OK… and i suppose this is what you’d get even if you set up multiple cameras.

If you are looking for animation things like how to shoot from multiple cameras, then the above reply by “Ammusinist” is quite nice…