camera position problem?

I have a camera pointing at my car, but the image doesn’t look like I think it should. I can’t even tell what the camera is pointing at.
It doesn’t matter where I put the camera, it always exports the image as seen below. If I move my lamp, I can see the reflection in the rendered jpg change slightly.
One thing I noticed between this file I’m working on and the default file launched when blender starts, is that my camera has just an oulined triangle, and the default file has a solid black triangle adjecent to the camera. What do those mean? And is that what is making the difference? I also noticed that I don’t have the red, green, and blue arrow.

Can anyone help? How can save an image according to the placement of my camera (for this file)?

Thanks in advance!!:slight_smile:

here is the file I’m working on:

here is the image that is showing up:


For starters, I would split the screen so that you have 2 viewports. Place your mouse in one viewport, and press Ctrl-numpad 0. This will align the view to the camera, and you will be able to see what the camera is pointing at.

Best of Luck!!

when I hit control zero, everything dissapears. I don’t have a numberpad, I’m on a laptop, is that a problem?

can I do it without a number pad? Is there a way to do it just through the menus?

I got it! Thanks for you help!!!


Well, it is different. I have a laptop, but rarely use it without a keyboard. When you press Ctrl-0 (Not numpad), you change the visible layer…it is the same thing as just pressing 0. Press 1, to get back to the default layer, then try the following.

At the bottom of the view there is a view button. Click on view…camera.


thanks again, i really appreciate it.