camera positioning and problem with rendering

I have rendered an image, which is the stick figure I’m making. However, I can’t seem to get a full view from the camera. I keept getting rendered images of the legs. I don’t know how to move the camera around for rendering. If anyone could give me a weblink on that or tell me how, I would be very thankful.

if you press 0 on the numpad you will see through the camera (ie what the camera is looking at)
you can rotate and move the camera just like any other object - easier to do from another view like top (numpad 7) -select it with right - mouse button - it will go pink - then “g” for grab or “r” for rotate.

it might be easier to create a target for the camera to look at - here’s how

add an empty
press spacebar - add - empty (this will add an empty at the spot where the cursor is)
select your camera - right mouse
shift select your empty - shift right mouse
then press “ctrl t” - and create a track to constraint

this will make the camera always point towards the empty
now you can move the camera and/or the empty to point where you want

if you split your window you can grab it in one window and see what it’s looking at in another

hope that helps

The camera is moved like any other object (RMB select, G(rabMove) /R(otate).

You can either split your view into 2 or more 3d windows and be looking through the camera in one window (NUMPAD 0), while moving it from another view, or you can move it while looking through it. You have to select it first, (RMB) then press NUMPAD-0 to look thorugh it. While looking through it, press G or R to move / rotate. After pressing G, if you press MMB that will dolly it back and forth. You can also use the transform “combinations” : press G then X or Y or Z to transform along the axis. Press the axis key twice to switch to local e.g. GXX or GZZ. The same thing works for rotation (R X/YZ or RXX, RYY, RZZ.

You can also set up a contraint for the camera to “track to” an empty.

Do a search here for “camera”, you’ll find many posts. There is also good info on the Wiki Manual.