camera positioning

Is there a way to move the camera by locking axises? I mean for example you have a bird’s eye view on an object and you just want to move closer but don’t want to change your angle. So if you were at a 45 degree angle and you just wanted to move closer but maintain your 45 degree and line of sight, is there a mechanism for that?

Turn on the 3d transform manipulator (CTR-SPACE) and change the transform orientation to Local or Normal (3d Header window / ALT-space, then RMB select the Blue (Z) axis and transform / key the camera.


Even easier: when you’re in the camera view, select the camera and move it with the G-key… then MMB and the camera’s movement will be locked going towards or away along it’s local z-axis.

Alternatively, you could G, Z, Z and get the same result.

That is easier :slight_smile:

G,Z,Z, is probably the fastest, if you’ve done it a few times I guess it’s easy to remember, but I’d like to see the “Z” match the local/normal/global setting of the manipulators, IMO that would be much more intuitive.


Not to entirely hijack 2disbetter’s topic, but I disagree. In my case, I use manipulators just enough to not recall what setting they’re using. Normally they’re turned off. That being the case, I think the more consistent and easier to remember hotkey sequence is a better option. To be honest, though… for camera work at least, the MMB technique is the one I use the most.

But, yeah… this functionality is definitely here, 2disbetter. :wink: