camera prob ( i think )

I just got 2.40 and came across a problem when trying to render a mech I made (in 2.49). Blender keeps rendering from a side view instead of the front one I selected. There is only 1 camera. When I hit 0 the view is from the non-existent camera. Even when I delete my camera it still renders from the strange place. Please does any1 know what’s going on? Thanx in advance :smiley:

Try pressing Control-0 (Zero) with your front camera selected.

At some point you probably accidentally pressed Ctrl-Num0 while something was selected. This makes the selected object into a “camera” for rendering. So, as forte suggested, just select the camera and press Ctrl-Num0 to reactivate it as the viewing camera.

Thanx, Ill try that as soon as I get home from school. :smiley:
BTW, how does it decide which direction the ‘camera’ is facing if you use an object ( and why would you want to? )