Camera problem and View Hotkey problem

while modeling in blender, I noticed that when I switched to the camera view, it only showed the bottom left corner of the camera view on screen. I tried zooming out and the problem was not rectified. When I render, the image still appears as if in the full camera view. This is only while working in that one project though, but it is an important project and I cant work efficiently without being able to access the full camera view.

This next problem applies to all of my projects. The number pad no longer switches the views. For some reason it switches the frame I am on instead.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, I am in the middle of a large project and I need to get back on track ASAP. Thanks

  1. Pan it back with Shft-MMB.

  2. Turn NumLock on on the keyboard.


Thanks for the help

timely post! I had the same problem last few days. Thanx!