Camera Problem ( grR)

Ok well im on blender and my camera randomly goes wierd as hell, i tryed everything and i cant seem to fix it … this happend to me before… but it radomly got fix by itself :wink:

but now its not getting fixed by it self :no:

ill leave a screenshot

<–Now : means how i got the camera right now… thats the way i dont want it to be

<-- Normal : Normal means thats how the camera is supposed to be

i hope u guys can fix this, it looks retarded but i cant seem to fix it lol :smiley:


so what`s the problem? the only difference I see is one scrol with the mouseweel (now is a litle bit more zoomed in)

Hi shotforce,

One thing that will cause the camera to do that is when the camera is on a non-active (ie hidden) level.


assuming clark’s suggestion didn’t work, it could also be a scaling issue:

-try ‘apply scale’ Ctrl+A on teh camera object.
-reduce the camera clipping-start disance.