Camera problem

For some reason when i am working on one particular model, the camera doesnt appear. I click add camera but the camera doesnt appear, i can press “O” and it shows the view but i cant change it, i cant move it anymore, same thing applys with lighting.

Why is this?

You might have pressed Ctrl+0 (NUM-zero) which transforms the active object into a camera. Select the camera and try pressing Ctrl+0 again.

/ Mats

The problem is that i cant add anything. I also cant select the camera/

You may be in Local view. Try tapping the numpad - / (slash) key.

Or, you may have your camera on a layer which is not switched on. Try turning on the various layers until your camera appears.

It’s weird, i can make a camera and i can go in the view but i cant click on it or move it around. But i cant make any other object either.

please give us some more information:

  1. “when i am working on one particular model” - does this mean you have several objects in one blend file or a single object in a separate blend file? Does the problem only appear when you select this single object and enter edit mode? Does the camera disappear when you select other objects?
  2. “i cant make any other object either” - what happens when you press the space bar? Did you try to press Tab? In the View menu, select Global View.
  3. When in camera view, how many frames do you see? Is there a solid frame or just dotted frames?
  4. Select Animation in the Screen drop down menu. In the Outliner subwindow, if you can see Camera in the list, you should be able to select it.

/ Mats

ahah. I fixed it in a way. I went to animation and make the camera there, but when i go in model mode it disappears, i dont know why this is.