Camera Problem

Hi all, so I have a player model and a camera parented to a armature and it all works ok, the player moves and the camera follows him and all but I want my player to fall down so I tryed to make a cube with the Actor function on it and than tryed to parent the Armature to that cube… but the problem is that after parenting the armature to that thing the whole screen becomes grey…

It looks ok in Blender but when I run the game the screen is grey and it looks like the camera is facing a wall or some other object …

is that some kinda of bug? How else am I suppoust to make a camera follow my object which has physics on it?


You might want to post a .blend. Otherwise, I have no clue.

This one:

but if you clear the parent (or whatever its called when when you “unconnect” them from each other) or just delete the cube the camera works normally again… :s

Hey. Use for file sharing. I couldn’t find where to download your .blend. But you could try selecting the cube and pressing Ctrl-A to apply the scale and rotation. It sounds like the camera is being rotated incorrectly with the parent. You could rotate the camera different ways until you see some object, and then fine-tune the rotation. It would be easier to just delete the camera and add a new one. :yes:

There you go:

I tryed to apply the scale/rotation but the camera/model/armature got rotated around and stretched in a not so good way… :s

the last time i got a grey screen after running the GE it appeared to be a bug:(
so i have made a script for you that does the same as parenting, as long as you only move
(it is also possible to make a script for rotation)
i hope i helped you with that
ps. controllers can handle more that 1 actuator, so you dont have to make 2 “w” key sensors;)

thanks for the script, I try to figure out how it works… ^^; and what do you mean by move? Im not planning on scalling my model or so… or did you mean something else?

about the controllers… hehe, totally forgot about that >.<

but Im still wondering why it does that when I parent the camera to the armature at that point… :expressionless:

how the script works:
it gets the coordinates of your “player”
it changes the coordinates a bit
it set the camera to these coordinates
what i mean by only move is that it wont rotate the camera if you rotate your “player” if you could use a parent this would happen automaticly

but Im still wondering why it does that when I parent the camera to the armature at that point… :expressionless:

stop wondering:p, it is probably a bug

Ok thanks~! :slight_smile: