Camera Problem!

Hello guys i got like 4 cameras on my game, and for example i want to to use camera 3…so i go to camera 3… But when i press P… it automatic Goes to The main camera with is … Camera 1… I BEEN TRYING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR WEEKENDS NOW -.-

Wow, it’s an easy search as far as i know xD

Crl + Numpad 0 is your answer man. :slight_smile:
Select camera first of course.

mMMM… ILL TRY THAT… XD ill give u a answer soon

Well mate thats not the answer :S

select the camera you wish to make the default camera, make sure your in object mode, select view>Cameras>Set active object as active camera
its the same as game master told you to do, but if your on a laptop which doesn’t have a numpad, its the alternative.

Yes guys, But theres simple Problem:

That dosnt work, i do it and keep doing it but when i Press P to start the game it automaticly goes to the Camera 1 !!! =S

Maybe there is a Scene “set camera” Actuator? Post .blend.

Btw, do you look through the camera in object mode?

it was that! thanks a bunch :wink: