Camera projections and baking

Hey guys! I have a model that has been created with photogrammetry. I created a low res model on top of it (main building). I have all the cameras that have been used to generate to original model. I would like to use some of these cameras to camera project and bake the textures on my low res model, combining the results from different angles. Combining from different cameras is. (Does that make any sense to you). Any ideas?

Oh! This is the way I’m going to do this:

It seems the add-on’s page is gone.
There’s this one, but it’s only a page tracker for the developer I believe:

I actually don’t need the add-on. When I imported my model as alembic I already had all the cameras. What I learned from the video is that you can paint using a camera projection. :slight_smile:

use another program named regard3d
it will do the job in 30 mins

Interesting. I haven’t looked at camera projection painting options in Blender, thanks to your post now I’m intrigued.

It seems the same guy from that YT video also posted a proposal last year. I wonder if anything has changed since then:

Blender currently has a way to do camera projection painting, with “Clone” brush and “UV Project” modifier. This method is enough labor intensive on the part of the user experience, requires to choose a lot of options even just to change camera from which projection act, which negatively affects the speed of the workflow. The main disadvantage of this method is the requirement for the density of the geometry. Low poly models (for example, after retopology) will have unnecessary distortions when drawing. Also, an extra step in this process is the export undistorted images/movie clips, because datasets can be large enough to create a lot of unnecessary files. It is also desirable to have control over brightness/contrast, ect, this method do not allow this.

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The photogrammetry is already done. What I need to do is to camera project textures on my low res model from different POV. But thanks. :slight_smile:

Not exactly what you asked, but doesn’t baking the photogrametry model’s texture to the low res model this way works?

Unless you’re trying to only paint certain area with projection mapping, or doing something else that I didn’t understand, this should work.

Let me know!

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sir you can bake the high res vertexcolour to low

I moving from one software to another so vertex color is not an option. :slight_smile:

But you can then bake the vertex color to a map.

The Task linked in T81662 seems to be exactly what you want but its not implemented currently… Otherwise the task also describes the current workflow which will take some time going from camera to camera and cloning the textures.

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