Camera properties to OpenGL code

I’m trying to create a script, that may export Blender objects into OpenLG code, because I’m lazy and my CG professor wants me, to hardcode pictures, that include at least 50 vertices and more. I finally managed to get meshes exported with their corresponding colors per face, but I don’t know, how to describe the camera settings of OpenGL with the data from blender. The script is for now quiet useful, but I would like it to use the camera settings of blender, just for fun or even for learning on how it works.

I would be really glad, if anyone could help me.

I’m sorry for the bump, but I really need to know, who to set it up.

For additional information, I want to use the glFrustum or gluPerspective camera settings, but I really don’t know, how to set it up, so it as the same spot and location as the camera in blender has.

I would be really glad, if anyone could help me or even point me a direction, so I may figure it out myself.

For some additional motivation, I plan to release it under GPL, so there is some some gain for the community. But this will happan, if the feature list, I planned, is complete, because I want to do everything on it “myself” to gain some useful abilities of it.

DO you know how to achieve it?i want to do the same operation with u

hi dormousenan,
there are some projects dealing with camera view matrix:
look at getClipBox(camera) function in DXF-exporter script bundled with Blender 2.49b

look also at PantoGraph - a prototype for a vector rendering engine