Camera python

Sorry for all the python questions but I’ve searched the internet and can’t find anything on this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone have a nice python for camera movement? I am making an Rpg game and the camera need to follow the character.

There are a few points I PREVER in the script, but I’m happy with any script you can give me. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Vertex parent… (Or at least a way to make the camera turn around the character).
  • Rotating camera with mouse… Up and down/left and right
  • A way to move the camera straight behind the character.
  • Not able to go through objects

I know it’s a little much asked… But that are only points I prever. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. ^^

Take a look at Cray’s 3rd person template. I can’t remember if the camera can go through objects, but i know that there is a pretty handy camera script :wink:

wow, it looks great but I can’t find a thing in that file x’D Can someone help me? :stuck_out_tongue: