Camera question

Is it possible to stop the camera from it always circling around the origin? Like i’m always facing the origin and its very annoying when I’m trying to animate in a 3d scene.

You can move and rotate your phisical cameras as you like to point to any place in your scene, or track to any object.
If you dont have a physical camera viewport rotates around world origin, of course, but you need a physical camera to render anything (still scene or animations)

I meant the viewport. Where you move around to see the workspace. Not the physical camera.

You can lock viewport camera to any object (maybe an empty one) or to 3d cursor, but you cant’ place or rotate viewport as a physical camera (if you need that beahvior, just use a physical camera.)

You can move the viewport “camera” by holding down Ctrl and using the numpad arrow keys, this will also change the axis point for rotation. Using the Ctrl and arrow keys has a similar effect as locking a physical camera to view.

To focus on a specific object go to orthographic view and centre the object from the front and side view using the Ctrl+arrow keys. It will now rotate around the object or area you centred.

There is also a setting in the preferences-navigation to orbit the viewport around the selected object or objects called “orbit around selection”, if you prefer. That way the viewport will always orbit around your current selection.

There’s a “frame selected” function, the shortcut is numpad dot, and it makes the selected object/object component the new center of the viewport so to speak. I use it so much I set up a button in my mouse for it.