Camera question

First how do I control the camera and parent objects to the camera view. And another question I had, is there any way to perfectly line up the camera view to the grid???


You control the camera like all other objects, with the G and R keys. To make the camera track to a certain object, select the camera, then shift-select the object, and press Ctrl-T. To make the camera snap to the grid, select the camera, press Shift-S for the snap menu, and choose Selection to Grid.

In camera view have the camera selected.

Press G, Z, Z to zoom in or out

Press R, Z to rotate the view left or right

Press R, X, X to rotate the view up or down

This is of course for the default camera position, if the camera is oriented differently you might have to use other methods to rotate it properly.

As any other object, the camera has rotX, rotY and rotZ values. Select the camera, press N and change those values to face the camera to grid.

You control it like any other object, RMB select in a 3d view (or LMB in the outliner), then g(rab/move) or r(otate). While you can move/rotate the camera with your mouse hovered over a camera view, I usually only use that for fine adjustments. I find it much easier to have at least 3-3d views open, typically one for the camera, the other two being top - side, with the camera object visible in the side/top views, then grab / rotate from those views.

Pressing NUMPAD-"." , (period) will zoom the views to the selected objected (the camera in this case).

As with any other object alt-g resets the camera loc to 0,0,0 alt-r resets the rotation to 0,0,0.

Parenting works for cameras like any other object. RMB select the child(ren), then SH-RMB the parent, press CTRl-P. If you want to parent a camera to a characters armature, you can parent the camera to the armature either in object mode or pose mode. In pose mode, you can select the particular bone that you want to parent to.