Camera Questions: making the camera profesional like

hey, is there any way to make it so the camera wont go through walls? I tried parenting a bow around it and setting it to dynamic and actor, but then my character fell through the floor. :frowning: the camera is parented to my player, by the way, not my player to it.

part two question: how can I set it up so that I can change which camera I use in the middle of the game while it’s running? I have a camera in front in back and one that circles around him. I want it so that the player can change camera angles to see more.

take a look on this link there you ll find the solution for your second question

Uh, setting the camera to dynamic doesn’t really do anything. There’s only a few ways to fix his problem, here’s the best way:
Make the camera the child of an empty, then make that empty send a ray to the player head, (I’d use an empty of circle and make it the child of the control box) Or you can just parent it to the control box itself.

Once the ray between the empty on the camera and the player box, you can sense if anything goes in between those. So if there’s a wall in between those, you want to set the position of the camera to the wall, so it basically slides across the wall if it gets between the rays…

It’s very simple to do with some python knowledge. If you don’t know how, simply go into the resource section of the forum and search:
Camera Collision

Good luck!

Have a look at the FreeView and the FreeViewControl. The second one provides you with keyboard and mouse control and has some videoTutorials how to use them.
Both are 2.49.

@monster yeah, but I always have not like the camera where you control it with keys. I have it so you control it with the mouse. Does it work with that, Linkxgl?

it does both … and you can change it to whatever you like. Just watch the videos

ok, so I watched a couple tutorials, but my camera still is blocked by walls. I want it so the camera doesn’t go through walls and any wall between it and my player, the camera moves so you can see the player.