Camera refuses to rotate

Hi. I just reopened a project I had been working on a month ago (actually, 2 projects) and the camera refuses to rotate!!! I have it tracked on an empty object in the center of the character and type R Z # and it will not rotate around as it did just a month ago. Any thoughts?

I would try to make a copy of this file* and tweak it a little.
You could try to delete and redo your track to Modifier, or see if you pressed on a “lock” function, somewhere.

  • Yes, i know… i’m a fanatic of multiple copies… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I understand you correctly, camera is tracked to an empty. The camera will not rotate because you have forced it to point at the empty. You cannot rotate it and still point at the empt at the same time. remove the track to or move the empty.


:o of course! I was too blinded by your problem to see the obvious!..