Camera resizing

Hi. ive been using blender for 2 months and i love it, a lot better and easier than bryce or maya. I just have one problem i cant solve: Is there anyway to resize the camera to see more? I tried scaling the camera, increasing lens etc but this just affects the camera, the amount of the scene rendered is still the same. dunno if its even possible

Scaling the camera in the edit window does nothing by change the size of its representation. Moving camera away from your object will increase the field of view – moving it closer will decrease the field of view. In the edit buttons with the camera selected you should see a lens size slider - making the lens size smaller will zoom out – making it bigger will zoom in.


Cool thanks. I just thought u could actually make the lens bigger but i suppose u cant just resize a real lens so yeah my bad. Later

And setting the Size and Aspect values in F10 buttons Format tab, or using the presets on the right, will change the FOV (Field of View; what you see between the dotted lines in Camera View).