Camera Revolving in circle around object

can you make a camera revolve in a circle around an object?

Yes, Parent your Camera to a CurveCircle and choose “Follow Path”.


hmmm maybe i should rephrase that.

move around in a circle, but i want the camera to be FACING/LOOKING at the object at all times.

Add a TrackTo constraint to the Camera and set the Track and UP coordinates in F7.


track and up coordinates?

oh wait i got it.

how do i animate it?
omg how dumb can i get?

how do i change the frames amount to do a full circle?

Make sure that the PathLength in F9 buttons is the same as the FrameEnd value in F10.


Even simpler: use an armature with one bone. I think it’s easier.

What I do is make an empty and track the camera to the empty but also make the empty the parent of the camera.

To rotate the camera in a circle, you just key the rotz value of the empty - you should align it to the axis first.