Camera Rotation Problem

I just registered, so hi everyone! :slight_smile:

Some days ago I installed blender, and now I am doing an animation. My scene is easy to explain. I built a city and now I want to let a camera fly around that place. I am at around 5000 Frames with a lot of keyframes.

Everything worked just fine, but now my camera just stopped working. I am not able to rotate the camera anymore. If I press R I get this dotted line that I can move around the object but nothing happens. The line no longer affects the objects. Doesnt matter which axis. The camera doesnt rotate and It is like that with every object. Rotate doesnt work anymore, I cant figure out why.

Anyone knows what happened to my blender? Did I press some keys by accident that could cause this problem?

thx in advance.

have you tried using the preprties panel, well actually thats not what its called. just press n with your camera selected, you should have your x,y,z rotation values, try that.

yes that does work, but this is actually not a very handy way to rotate an object ^^

It is not only the camera it is every object in this project. I cant use the R function at all anymore.

Wow thats odd. Well I hope you find a way to fix your problem cuz yea the n panel aint a great way to animate stuff heh.

Are you in the correct mode? Object mode?

Did you accidentally turn on “Move Object Centers Only”?

yes thats it. I just came home and found it out myself. I accidentaly activated the “move object centers only” -button. Great! now I understand how that button works.

Thank you for your help :wink: