Camera selection issues.

Hi there.

So, I’ve finished rendering the main bulk of my film, now I want to add a few more cameras for some simple panning shots of the same landscape. So I’ve added another camera to test with and I’m having some odd issues.

If I switch to the new camera (CTRL + 0) the camera becomes the active camera and F12 renders the correct image. However, If I click Render under the render settings, or Animate (Yes the second camera has a separate path with markers set), control passes to the first camera I added and ignores the active camera.

Selecting the scene camera doesn’t appear to do anything, it doesn’t select the second camera, or change the render results.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


I just want to add, I’m not wanting to switch between cameras during the film, these are secondary cameras added to the existing time line.

Check you have the correct active camera in the Scene settings
In Render / Post Processing panel disable the Compositor and Sequencer options so you know you’re actually rednering the 3d viewport

I found a way to resolve this with Markers.

Now, with an animation where I want to swap cameras during a 0000-3000 frame scene this makes perfect sense, however, when I’m trying to create different views with different cameras parallel on the same time line it’s a rather complicated solution. Surely in this case, simply the selected camera should be used?

My first thought is just move the original camera to different unused/unrendered layer
Second thought is disable the original camera “eyeball” in the outliner window.

If markers were used for the original camera (s), I’m not sure if the above would work or not. But I think no matter what you would want to create a marker, and bind the new camera to the new marker after doing the ctrl 0 to select the new camera. Unfortunately I am not at a computer right now that has blender installed.

Hi M.K. As I put in the post, the scene camera settings made absolutely no difference. And the sequencer and compositor are not being used. But thanks.