Camera Sensor fit Horizontal - shouldn't the default be 20.25mm?

Am I missing a reason why the default sensor height is 24mm to the default horizontal of 36mm? It means that if you switch from auto to horizontal in order to crop in horizontally by changing the render width the camera zooms out slightly, whereas with it set to 20.25 (36mm * 9/16) it stays as it was.

I’m not sure what you mean but also i’m not sure about the purpose of this anyway (why sensor if we have resoultion…). If you have the default X/Y resolution 1920x1080 (16/9) and switch between horizontal and vertical sensor then the camera pane jumps because the default 36mm H and 24 mm aren’t 16/9 (the are 3/2 don’t ask why) but if you put V to 20.25 the are 16/9 and the camera pane doesn’t jump (anyway the camer view jumps put not the camera pane or cutout).

Exactly, that’s what I’m questioning - why the default isn’t 16/9.

Why not 4:3, or 16:10 etc.

One arbitrary value replaced by another will not solve all the ills of the world.

It’s not about solving the ills of the world, it’s about making a function in Blender do what it appears that it should do, and indeed did do, when 4:3 monitors were the norm.

That’s why i said:

i’m not sure about the purpose of this anyway (why sensor if we have resoultion…)

For zooming change focal lenght, for resolution has width and height (even aspect ratio of pixels)… so what for senso? … but anyway: don’t touch it :wink:

Because 16x9 is a relatively new standard, and most image creation traditionally conforms to standard photography sizes such as 36mm x 24mm. This is known as “full frame” in the world of cinema. So you may ask, why not update the system to reflect more modern standards like 16x9, 1x1, or even 2.4:1? The reason is that lenses behave differently depending on the sensor size, and it is necessary to maintain a common sensor size standard so that we can have predictable behavior in the choice of lens focal length. 36mm has been the photography standard for many decades, so most manufacturers of software have chosen to adopt this size. That way, when most artists create their shots, they can be fairly confident as to what a particular focal length will give them in terms of field of view and depth.

I don’t know if this explanation will make any sense to people who have only known cameras as an additional function of their phone, but this is why the default sensor size in Blender is 36mm wide by 24mm high.


Ahh, thank you. After reading your post and WikiPedia: 35mm format i’m beginning to understand the fact of sensor size… now the settings of Object Propeties → Camera → “hidden menu” above Sensor Fit and Viewport Display → Sensor (changing for choosen camera) makes sense to me. This was always a miracle for me :crazy_face: I learnt something today !

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Ah okay, I thought it might be a hangover from the old 4:3 monitor days and just hadn’t been changed. Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

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