Camera Sensor Width (Galaxy S3)

I am sorry in advance if this is answered anywhere but I’m striking out left and right trying to figure this out. I am looking to do some camera/object tracking with my cell phone (don’t want to buy a camera, just want to learn this part of the software with my own footage) and I can’t find the sensor width anywhere on the internet or how to calculate it. The only information I have found is the following:

Aperture: F/2.6
Pixel Size: 1.4
Focal Length: 3.7mm (I think this would be correct)

Is there anyway to calculate the value I’m looking for either from this data or any other way. Thanks for the help.

Dont know if your still looking but I found this
Sensor Type 1/3.2-inch
Sensor Architecture Type BSI-CMOS
Sensor Size 4.54×3.42 mm
Total Effective Pixels 8MP
Sensor Model Name S5C73M3
Max. Image Resolution 3264×2448 pixels
Crop Factor 7.6×
Lens 3.7mm (28mm) f/2.6

Use the blam addon to determine fov from image. Galaxy s3 lens length at 35mm equiv is about 21mm.

Doh! I forgot. Thanks for the info. I’m going to try some 720 video to get noise down.