Camera setting up problem


don’t know if it’s the right section to ask it: I would like to use a custom projection that I can’t set up.

Namely I would like to render in dimetry, with the axises and the scale values along the axises being these:

Also, later on I would like to set the camera to military perspective too.
-the bottom right one-

Is there a workaround for doing these?

Bumping this thread.
With military perspective maybe a simply ortographic camera setting alone would be fine,
if the model is scaled.
Not so sure about it, if I wanted to render it in cycles, would the shadows turn out right with the scaling?
I have doubts.

Would be much easier to set the projection.

Under the wikipedia history of that linked png

, it appears that it was created with povray.
Where setting the projection was no difficulty:

#case (2)       // dimetric                #local cam_area =       2;
                #local cam_loca =       -z * cam_dist;
                #local cam_dirc =       +z;
                #local cam_rgvc =       +x * cam_area;
                #local cam_upvc =       +y * cam_area/cam_aspc;
                #local cam_tran = transform
                        rotate          +x * asind(tand(15))
                        rotate          +y * 045
                        translate       +y * cam_move                 }

full sources here:

So is there any chance for solving this?

Moved on a bit with the problem, so now I could “hack” a look of a military perspective
by scaling an ortographic render of the model.

scaled, now in military perspective:

Still with that ugly method, it is hard to guess what kind of camera setting and scaling of the rendered image would produce a dimetric look, as in the svg of the first post.
Any ideas?