Camera Settings for Rendering

what are the best Camera Settings for rendering a human ?
because if teh camera is too close to the object you getvery weird results but ifit is too far away the object is too small and you cannot see anything :confused:

what can i do about it ?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:


whatever works :slight_smile:

there can’t be any real “best” settings, at least not in terms of the way I’m reading your question. Its all situational, based on the shot, desired effect, lighting, etc, etc.

In addition to camera placement, try tuning the lens value. smaller values from a wider angle, and greater ones for a “zoom” effect.

If you’re aiming for a specific mood or effect, certain types of camera angles can work better (a user more inclined towards cinematography could pitch in there I suppose)

In general, though, try different things and see what works. Since its closely related to cinematography, you may also consider taking a course or something in Film, if that interests you.

Well, that totally depends on what you actually want to do!

There is simply no best camera setting or position for a “perfect” render of a human model. In general it might be a good idea to show the figure as a whole and so some close ups to show details and stuff. But other than that, there is no advide I could give but to think about what you want to do with the character and then decide how you need to place the camera.

i mean more that if i m too close with the camera than i have strange deformation due to perspective. i m not talking about a composition, i m talking about the blender internal camera settings.
but anyway, zdk1 and Myke, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by deformation.

You can try changing the lens value (Edit buttons window with camera selected), to counteract perspective changes due to being close. maybe this is what you mean?

if not, please elaborate further or show and example so its easier to see what you mean.