Camera setup / rendering to precise size for web mapping?

Hi all,

I need to end up with very specific sized/scaled renders to then use for 2D web mapping, where each pixel ends up a uniform scale. I know the real-world dimensions of the scene, so in an ideal workflow, I would select the scene to render, define the width and height of the render, click ‘render’ and be done :wink:

My question: I have a CAD file imported into blender that I wish to render top down with an ortho camera for a nicely shaded 2D plan view. Is there an easy workflow/script to select all the objects (or overall bounding box), snap the view tightly to them (like ‘view extent’ in sketchup), render it as an image with the output render kept clipped to the objects in the scene, without having to fiddle with complex camera parameter setup?

At the moment, I can only set things up very roughly, render at a too high a resolution, then manually crop/scale the image down afterwards in Gimp. Very time consuming and not good for image quality.

At the very least, a way of snapping an ortho camera’s view to a known dimension of a bounding box would be great. Like the user defended render border region, but accurately snapped to the scene.

Any advice would be fantastic