Camera shaking problem

Hi everyone,

Anyone know what can make the camera shake in a simple animation like this? Increasing clipping or creating vector keys helps but doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you

Constraints or f-curve modifiers, neither of which can be seen from your shot.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t have any of them

Then I would need to see a file to have any chance of telling you why.

Add a Noise Modifier to x, y and or z position of your camer ain Graph Editor, scale it.

The camera isn’t shaking, it is the vertical bars of camera overlay widget that are shaking, possibly because someone set the widget’s rectangle x-axis to start at 0.5 instead of 0.0, in order to work around another visual bug and never got around to making a proper fix. Throw in some floating point precision rounding fun, and the result is what you see when the widget’s drawing is updated every frame as you slowly translate or rotate on the z axis: the top and bottom “vertexes” of the widget’s rectangle no longer are vertically aligned.

That’s just a guess though. :wink:

Ups sorry, the OP is asking why this is so… have to get some fresh air. :crazy_face:

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Hey, there was a chance, a slight chance, that the noise would have perfectly randomly aligned to cancel out the shaking effect, thus making your answer technically correct :joy:

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New standard answer: add some noise :wink:

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