camera sinks to the ground

Hello Blenderforum,

Im a newbe to blender and I have problems with the walkthrough-tutorial:

I startet the tutorial walkthrough_template.blend:

  1. I opend up the walkthrough_template.blend
  2. I imported with shiftF1 a scene file, containing the mesh with a blender-radiosity-solution.
  3. After scaling, rotating and positioning the mesh, I pressed 0 to view through camera and P for starting the game-engine

Now my problem appaers, the camera “sinks slowly to the ground”, till everything is black.
Do I have to configure some collision-dummys?

Thank you for your help

I think you can create another object.
Delete the shape but keep the center point.

COntrol T to “track to constraint” the camera to this empty object.
OR PARENT IT (control + p? )! It depends on your ambitions.

Then change the “collision size” of this object:
like the “pink dots” around an object which means its collision size.
you can see them by enabling the actor/ and Dynamic/ of this “empty object” in the “pacMan head” options (logic? game engine?)

So the camera wont fall!

Okay, hello corsebou,
thx for your quick reply and your help.
I created a plane and deleted the vertices, after that I pressed strT like you wrote. Now nearly everything works, when I press the spacebar for flymode. I can move with the arrow-keys, but I dont have mouse-controll…
In the tutorial they mentioned, that I have to click on the plugin-content?
Where Do I find the plugin-content? What went wrong?

Thanks a lot,