Camera Size?

Just a quick one. I rescaled everything in my scene (will be a row of shops) from 5 metres to about 100m. The camera was also selected and is now about 80 metres in size. I’ve only just started the project so it doesn’t matter, It just got me wondering if the size of the camera will effect things, and what kind of size should the camera be? Scale XYZ

Many thanks

I would personally recommend to not scale your camera. IIRC it used to create potential issues with depth of field, I haven’t been able to reproduce them lately, but you know, better safe than sorry.

If your camera manipulator is too small in the scene, there is a Size property in the Camera > Viewport Display property panel.

Thankyou Chafouin, I dont intend to keep it that size. I shall just revert to default as I have a lot to learn about the camera generally.