Camera Snapping to View: is it normal or a Bug?

Hi Blender nerds :nerd_face:, I want to snap my camera to this front view of my model, so i move in orthographic view and use CTRL SHIFT num 0 to snap camera to view. I’ve always noticed that the camera never really moves dead on pointing the model. It’s either slightly to the left or right.

It’s clear why it doesnt snap perfectly to the location when i check from top view, the origin is not on the Axis, but close to it:

So my question is it supposed to do that or it’s a bug ?

It happens when you snap in a non orthograpic view, you have to reset the camera to the grid by enter the corrdinates by hand in the transform panel.

I guess it is a bug, maybe you report it here:

Your orthographic view seem to be off-centered already so I guess that is why

Your camera is shifted: Select camera > Properties panel > Object Data Properties (camera): put shift X on 0

Otherwise: delete camera, add a new camera and make it active. Try again.

I think @Hadriscus is right.
Try “Frame selected” with your object selected before you snap the camera
or alternatively set “Cursor to World Origin” and then “Center View To Cursor”.

Yes, @Hadriscus is right.
You can set snapping to absolute grid too.

While that is more precise to position the camera, that is not the main issue here. Look at his screenshot where the origin of the camera is off. That is caused by the shift setting of the properties of the camera. When that is not set to 0, snapping to absolute grid won’t help.

The shifting dont change the origin, so i dont think it is the cause.

Oh, ok there are two problems that occur. you are right both make the view not centered.

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Yes, two problems: a) shift of camera b) optionally use a more precise way to position the camera if need. by snapping the camera.

Wait I know what’s happening. From the top view your camera looks skewed. You may have accidentally changed the “shift X/Y” values in camera properties.

Thanks for repeating

I’m sorry ?

I think you found the same when seeing his screenshot with the weird camera on top view. Then you had an aha moment, scrolled down, skipping the other messages. No? Anyway I think that must be it, a shifted camera, indeed.

I think so, but reading it from post to post ,its a funny talk. Reminded me on an old futurama episode. :slightly_smiling_face: Anyhow. I agree a shifting seems to be the case here. Well spotted @anon72338821 and @Hadriscus.

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Ah, I see. Yes, this is exactly what happened.

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Almost turned in to a Debate :smiley: . thanks guys for your suggestions, i think it was indeed the shifting, without shifting the camera it works as expected.

Good to hear that you got it sorted out and thanks for sharing the outcome with details.

Had to search for the actual use of these settings :

Using lens shift is equivalent to rendering an image with a larger FOV and cropping it off-center.

Hi @Hadriscus, have a look here:–shift_photography.

Alternatively take a look at this video:

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