Camera Solve and Constraint

In the Motion Tracking preset in Blender, there are options to Camera Solve markers placed in the video attached to a project. What is the difference between this Camera Solve and the Camera Solve Constraint found under the Constraints region of the Properties Editor?

Camera solving creates a camera solve constraint. You can then apply this constraint if you want to edit the camera movement - getting rid of broken frames, etc.

Thanks. Well, when I applied a camera solve in the tools section of the motion tracker, I didnt see the camera solver constraint appear. Here is what I did.

Switched to Motion Tracker preset.
Loaded video footage
Chose DETECT FEATURES to find initial markers In tools
Added markers for more refinement
Locked all markers with Ctrl-L
With all markers selected chose the Solve tab on the tools and clicked Solve Camera

With all of that done I was still wondering what the Camera Solver constraint was to be used for?

When I select an object and then add the constraint choosing Constraint to F curve. I am assuming it is copying the positions from the markers to the object. Is that correct?