Camera Speed Along Path

In my scene I have a camera following a path curve, but I want it to slow down as it reaches the end. I’ve gone looking for an IPO curve to edit, but I can’t find one in the graph editor. I’m using 2.5. How do I fix this?

After you parent your camera curve. select curve . in properties click object data icon. With your arrow over elevation time hit I . In graph editor control click on the graph. i put a blend file cause it took me a long time to get the graph right. Seems as it stops climbing the camera slows. I hope that’s what you need.


path test 2.blend (63.5 KB)

Sorry . I didnt see the time line was 1400 frames. i saved in 2.49 and opened it in 2.5 , It changed the curve called speed to a curve called elevation time in the graph editor. well I hope it helps some.

Thanks. I had a hell of a time figuring this one out.