Camera stills alignment?

Hi, I run a 3D scanning studio and I use Blender for most of my work. Part of my pipeline is cleaning up texture maps which were generated by my 3d scanning rig, which gives me a shot of a person’s face every 45 degrees. My proprietary scan software blends these together automatically, creating basic texture coordinates and a texture map.

My question is, is there a script out there that can set up a blender scene camera in such a way that it matches the original camera angle, allowing me to texture paint the original image over the scan, or use it to clean up the bits that require cleaning? I would assume there is a way to do it since my 3D models would match the photos almost perfectly.

Or, perhaps there is already such a script out there. If not, I’d be happy to pay a programmer to make such a script or plugin for me.


so the angle (and thus the location in 3d space) of the individual pictures are known, but the person on the photos isn’t always at the center?

My UVUnproject script is specifically designed for aligning a camera to a still image of a known mesh object (in your case, the face/head).

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