camera switching help

Using logic bricks(don’t know python scripting), I would like to switch between two cameras in the same scene.

To clarify what i would like to do:

If cam2 is active…
stay active for 3 seconds…
then switch back to cam1.

Here is my blend file…

I have it set up now for a 2 second delay after game start then it switches to cam2.
I want it to switch back to cam1 after 3 seconds. I just used the delay now to simplify things…but i will actually be switching to cam2 when the object collides w/ another trigger object. I know how to do that. I just need it to switch back automatically to cam 1 after 3 seconds

hopefully this can be done w/ logic bricks.
Thanks for any help…

try this tutorial

Thanks but that is not quite what I want to do…that setup requires keyboard input. Mine will switch when and object hits a trigger…then switch back to original cam after a few seconds.

just add other delay time the use the set scene and set camera

just click the camera2 then use this logic brick

delay = 200 - AND - Scene
Set Camera