camera switching in game

using 2.49

does anybody have an idea on how to switch camera in the game engine using the logic bricks? i have 3 cameras… i can make them move in certain positions but i don’t know how to switch to the camera that i want when i press p… its a cinematics that has characters in it… the first camera roams around the map then i want the next camera to focus on a character… does anybody have an idea to do that?:confused:

your question is not clear, so:
to choose the camera that will “show” the game when you press P key ( active), select the desired one, and do Ctrl-NumPad 0.
To switch the “camera view” when a game is running, there’s different ways, here’s one:
Keyboard Sensor - SpaceBar key -> AND - Scene Actuator - Set Camera - OB:name_of_the_desired_camera_here

i already know how to do it… but thank you for the reply anyway… its appreciated… :slight_smile: